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Monday, August 16, 2010

Are the greens in SMK Green Road safe?

Posted on 8:16 AM by Willie a.k.a Reptoz

KUCHING: Ever since the football field of SMK Green Road here was tested unhealthy for use many years ago, teachers and students seldom stepped onto the greens.

The last test was done more than six years ago, so what’s the soil condition today? Interestingly, nobody has the answer yet.

The school’s principal Putit Ped told The Borneo Post yesterday that they were unclear of the present state of their field but in view of the current outbreak of melioidosis in the state they plan to call in the health experts.

Melioidosis is a water and soil-borne disease endemic to parts of Malaysia, Australia and other South East Asian countries.

“Actually, a few minutes before you called I was having a discussion with my senior assistant about this subject. We plan to write to the medical authorities to ask them to do a retest to determine whether our football field is now healthy for use or not.

“This is because the soil in this area was declared as unhealthy for use many years ago. I don’t know in which year but it was before I came to this school in 2004,” Putit said.

Putit, however, admitted that despite the declaration they still occasionally used the field for school activities such as camping and sports activities.

“Our field was not totally closed to students. We allow them to use the field but of course with certain conditions. Among others they were prohibited to play there during rainy season and they must put on shoes and proper attires.

“We have been reminding our students to always take the necessary precautions when going to the field, such as not to go there bare footed,” he said. He said the children were also advised against playing in the field unnecessarily, particularly during wet weather.

“The bacteria in the soil could still be active but even if it is already safe there is no harm for us to take preventive measures. Prevention is always better than cure,” said Putit.

Source:The Borneo Post online

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